Mosquito & Tick Season in NYC (2023)

As temperatures rise, so does the yearly uptick in the number of diseases due to mosquito and tick bites. Mosquitoes and ticks have always been problematic in New York City and across the East Coast, but their numbers seem to have risen dramatically in recent years.

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Controlling mosquitoes in NYC in 2021

NYC Pest Control Guide: Mosquitoes

Relative to other parts of the country, summer in NYC is hot and humid with plenty of humans around for mosquitoes to get their next blood meal from. Here’s what you need to know about dealing with mosquitoes, including facts, prevention, control, and treatment.

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FAQ: Spraying Your Yard for Mosquitoes

An effective way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard is by using insecticide sprays. When applied properly and in the right locations, they can get rid of mosquitoes in your space. Here are some tips on how spray your yard for mosquitoes.

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How to Get Rid of House Mosquitoes

If you find mosquitoes in your home, it’s important to get them out as soon as you can as mosquitoes can transmit diseases and their bites can irritate the skin.

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Solutions for eco-friendly mosquito control.

No More Bites! Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control in New York City

Looking for eco-friendly mosquito control? If you plan to enjoy time in your yard, rooftop, or other outdoor space this summer, here’s how to keep those pesky mosquitoes away.

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The life cycle and life length of mosquitoes

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live… And What That Means for You

Wondering if that mosquito you saw flying across your living room last night will die by itself if you leave it alone? This article answers questions about how long mosquitoes can live under various conditions.

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Can Mosquitoes Bite Through Clothes?

Although mosquitoes are capable of biting through clothes, they much prefer exposed skin — at least when given the choice. Their needle-like mouths can easily penetrate thin, stretchy, and loosely woven fabrics.

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What Attracts Mosquitoes to Bite You?

Why do mosquitoes tend to bite some people more than others? To avoid getting bitten while you enjoy the great outdoors, it helps to understand what signals might be attracting mosquitoes to you in the first place.

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Map of Mosquito Spraying in NYC

New York City experienced record-breaking levels of mosquito activity last year, according to the Department of Health. This map shows the various areas and neighborhoods that were sprayed for mosquitoes in 2021.

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When Do Mosquitoes Come Out? (Time of Day)

Generally speaking, mosquitoes come out to feed around sunrise, sunset, and at nighttime. They’re rarely active during the middle of the day when the sun is out, since direct sunlight and high midday temperatures can quickly dehydrate them.

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How Mosquito Bits Can Help You Avoid Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bits are a natural and eco-friendly option for long-term mosquito control. By sprinkling them around your property, you can reduce — and over time, eliminate — the mosquito population living in the area.

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Mosquito repellant and yard sprays that are safe around pets.

Which Mosquito Repellents & Yard Sprays Are Pet Safe?

Many of the chemicals used in mosquito sprays, such as DEET and permethrin are toxic by nature and can cause unintentional harm to animals. As a responsible pet owner, you want to get rid of mosquitoes without risking your pet’s health and safety. So where do you start?

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How to keep mosquitoes and ticks away during the summer months.

3 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes and Ticks Away All Summer

Here are 3 ways to keep these unwelcome guests off of your property and stop them from putting a damper on your summer fun, ranging from prevention to repellents to professional help from your friendly neighborhood exterminator.

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Preventing mosquito breeding in your yard.

How To Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding In Your Backyard

One of the best ways to protect your family from mosquitoes is by being proactive about preventing them from breeding near your home. Here’s how to stop mosquitoes from coming back for good.

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