FAQ: Spraying Your Yard for Mosquitoes

In the warmer months, mosquitoes can begin to invade your yard to bite you and your family. Using an insecticide spray on your yard can help get rid of existing mosquitoes and continue to keep these pests out. 

When Should You Spray Your Yard for Mosquitoes?

Before you begin the spraying process, there are a few things to consider. One of those is the time of day and the season you should spray your yard.

It’s a good practice to apply mosquito spray when mosquitoes are most active. Mosquitoes typically come out to feed around dusk and dawn. During these times, mosquitoes typically fly around looking for food, giving you the opportunity to target them directly with the spray. 

Spraying at these hours can also help the insecticide last. The temperatures are usually cooler around these times so you won’t need to worry about the heat causing the insecticide to evaporate at a faster rate. 

However, when pest control specialists apply mosquito spray, you may notice that this typically happens during the day. This is done mostly as a precaution to avoid spraying when there are adults, children, or pets present in the yard.  

Where Should You Spray Your Yard? 

There are specific locations in your yard that mosquitoes prefer. They often seek shelter in these shaded and damp areas to protect themselves from the sun and harsh temperatures. 

Some high-priority locations in your yard you should direct the spray at are dense and overgrown plants, woodpiles, and leaf piles. In addition to spraying foliage and plants in your yard, you can also spray under and around deck areas and shaded playground equipment. 

Mosquitoes can also hide underneath leaves and other foliage. In order to catch as many of these pests as you can, apply the spray to the upper and lower areas of the foliage. Spraying the underside of plants can maximize the effectiveness of the insecticide.  

If you have a large yard, it’s recommended that you also establish a 10–15 foot wide barrier with the spray around your yard. Do this by spraying along the fencing or perimeter of your yard. 

However, if your yard isn’t large enough to create a barrier of this size, you can still line your property with the spray of your choice. 

While it may seem like you’re spraying your entire yard, there are some places you should avoid spraying. To protect produce and beneficial insects like bees, keep the spray away from flowers and garden areas.

Do Weather Conditions Impact Outdoor Mosquito Sprays?

Weather conditions in your area can also have an impact on when you should spray for mosquitoes. 

If the weather is rainy or windy, the spray may be less effective. One rainy or windy day won’t completely wipe away the insecticide spray but several days of this weather can. Be sure to check weather reports prior to spraying your yard and reapply if necessary after the conditions let up. 

How Much Mosquito Spray Should You Apply to Your Yard?

When applying the spray to your yard, it’s important to carefully read and follow the label to avoid excessive use. If you apply too much spray, there’s a risk of harming your plants or damaging your lawn. 

As a rough estimate, a typical 1,000 square foot yard might require approximately 1 gallon of mosquito spray.  

However, this amount ultimately depends on the specific product used, the size of your yard, how much foliage you have, and how severe your mosquito infestation is.

When Should You Reapply Mosquito Spray?

When reapplying a mosquito spray to your yard, it’s once again a good idea to follow the instructions on the label of the spray you purchase. Depending on the specific ingredients, reapplication may be more or less frequent. 

Typically, sprays can be reapplied after heavy rain or other disruptive weather conditions or when the spray has lost its effectiveness after some time. 

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