Termite control in NYC in 2021

NYC Pest Control Guide: Termites

Termites may be small, but they are one of the most destructive and expensive types of pest infestations. Here’s everything you need to know about termites in New York City and Long Island, including facts, prevention, control, and extermination.

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Carpenter Ants vs. Termites: What’s the Difference?

Looking for a way to tell carpenter ants and termites apart? Knowing if your home’s infested with carpenter ants or termites can help when deciding what you need to do in order to get rid of them.

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Where Termites Do Come From & How Do They Get In?

If you’ve ever had termites in the past or you’re experiencing an infestation now, you might be wondering where these wood-eating pests come from and how they got inside in the first place.

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Home Remedies for Termites

Once termites have established themselves, they’re often difficult and expensive to exterminate. But if you see the beginnings of an infestation, you might be able to utilize some home remedies for termites to slow them down until you can get a professional termite inspection.

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How Long Does Termite Treatment Last?

Getting rid of termites usually requires professional help. There are several types of termite control methods that can be used, and some last longer than others in terms of keeping termites out.

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Do Termites Bite People? It’s Extremely Unlikely.

When pests invade your home, one of the things to worry about is getting itchy, painful, or potentially disease-transmitting bites. Fortunately, termites aren’t one of those pests that bite people.

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What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

Damage from termites can be difficult to identify, and if left alone, termites can cause major and long-lasting problems that are expensive to repair. In this article, we’ll explain what termite damage looks like and how to differentiate it from other common issues.

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What Do Termite Eggs Look Like?

Termite eggs are almost never seen out in the open, and finding them around isn’t a common occurrence. They’re usually located deep within termite colonies inside mud tubes or wooden galleries for protection.

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Termite Swarmers vs. Flying Ants: What’s the Difference?

But because of their size and appearance, termite swarmers are often confused for flying ants. The main features to pay attention to in order to differentiate termites from flying ants are their antennae, their waist, and their wings.

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What Do Termites Look Like?

Knowing what termites look like and understanding their defining characteristics can help you detect and recognize an infestation early on. Read this article to learn about the most common types of termites to watch out for.

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5 signs of termites

How to Know if You Have Termites: 5 Early Signs to Look For

Being able to recognize a termite problem before it gets out of hand can save you thousands of dollars in potential property damage and extermination costs. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common early signs of termites to look out for in order to protect yourself from these destructive pests.

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Wood Destroying Insect inspections and Report

What is a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection Report?

There are numerous steps involved in the buying or selling of a home, including getting a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspection Report. Here’s what you need to know about what WDI reports entail and how to get one for your home.

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Termite swarmers and termite control in NYC

Seeing Swarmers? Get Help Today — New York Termite Control

The arrival of spring signals the start of termite swarming season. Learn more about termite control services for homeowners living in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island.

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The best methods for termite control

What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Termite Control?

Looking for the right solution for your termite troubles? In this article, we’ll compare the main types of termite treatments and services to help you determine which options may be right for you.

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Termite swarmers and how to protect your home.

What Are Termite “Swarmers” & How To Protect Your Home From Them

Termite Awareness Week is March 7 – 13, 2021. Here’s what you should know if you’ve discovered termite swarmers, which resemble flying ants, around your home or property.

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