Integrated Pest Management

Why Assessments Are Important for Effective Pest Control

Clients ask this question a lot: “Do I really need to have an assessment? Can’t we skip to the extermination part?” We completely understand wanting to have your pest issue resolved as soon as humanly possible, but assessments are a vital part of the pest control process.

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What Are Asian Lady Beetles & How to Get Rid of Them

Asian lady beetles are invasive insects commonly found in rural and suburban areas. Although they look similar to ladybugs, Asian lady beetles are considered pests while ladybugs are not. Here are some steps you can take to get rid of Asian lady beetles in your home.

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First Time Needing Pest Control? Here’s What to Expect

If you are seeing pests in your home and you’ve never used pest control services before, here are a few tips and what to expect when setting up an appointment for the first time.

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How to Choose the Right Pest Control Company in 2023

How do you go about finding and vetting pest control companies? In this article, we’ll discuss what to look for when choosing the right pest control company to make your home or business feel safe and free from pests.

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What Is Thermal Pest Control and Is It the Best Option for You?

Heat treatment is a chemical-free method of pest control that can effectively eliminate bed bugs and other pest problems. This method typically only requires one visit, does not use pesticides, and takes less time than other forms of pest control.

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How to Get Rid of Mice & Roaches in Your Home

Want to get rid of mice and roaches for good? This guide was written to walk you through some simple steps you can take at home to keep pests out, such as cleaning, keeping food sealed, vacuuming regularly, and disposing of garbage properly.

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What Is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Integrated Pest Management is an effective, eco-friendly, and prevention-based pest control method that works by identifying and addressing the underlying causes of pest infestation using strategies such as fixing leaks, sealing holes, and managing garbage.

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Landlords & Tenants: Who is Responsible for Pest Control in NYC?

When it comes to dealing with pest control issues in New York City, the mutual rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants can often cause confusion, headaches, and miscommunication. Who is responsible for preventing, monitoring, and solving pest problems in your building?

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How Proofing and Exclusion services keep rodents and cockroaches out.

Pest Proofing & Exclusion in NYC – Keep Rodents and Cockroaches Out!

Pest exclusion is the proven and preferred method of long-term pest control. By eliminating conditions that attract rodents and cockroaches, you can stop infestations before they even happen. Schedule a free inspection or consultation for pest exclusion services today!

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Local Law 55 and keeping NYC homes free of pests and mold

What Is Local Law 55 and What Does It Require?

Local Law 55 (“The Asthma-Free Housing Act”) is a set of rules requiring landlords of multiple-dwelling buildings to keep their tenants’ homes free from indoor allergen hazards — specifically mold and pests.

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Cleaning tips for pest prevention this Chinese New Year

Pest Prevention Guide: 8 Cleaning Tips for Chinese New Year

With Chinese New Year coming up on Friday, here are 8 cleaning and pest prevention tips for a prosperous and pest-free year. Whether or not you celebrate the Lunar New Year, these are also effective ways to prevent pests from infesting your home in 2021.

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Protect your clothing store with Integrated Pest Management

How Integrated Pest Management Can Protect Your Clothing Store

If you plan to open or manage a clothing store, implementing an integrated pest management program will prevent costly infestations from happening. Here’s how integrated pest management can help protect your clothing store.

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A guide to violations and integrated pest management strategies for restaurants.

Pest Control Guide for NYC Restaurant Inspections

In this article, we’ll break down what you need to know about the inspection and grading process for NYC restaurants during COVID-19, and how to avoid pest-related violations with Integrated Pest Management practices.

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Integrated pest management helps keep businesses free from pests.

The Benefits of Integrated Pest Management for NYC Businesses

As a business owner or manager in New York City, have you ever wondered why businesses seem to spend so much time and money dealing with pest control?

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The importance of IPM for restaurants during COVID-19.

Integrated Pest Management: Why Restaurants Need It More Than Ever During COVID-19

This letter explains how restaurants can beat pest problems with Integrated Pest Management—a form of pest control that uses the least intervention to obtain the best results- and why now is the perfect time to take these steps.

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How to Address the Rat Problem Outside Your Building

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, rodents in NYC are running wild. What can you do to stop them?

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