Preventing Pests When Moving into a New Home

The Importance of Preventive Pest Control When Moving into a New Home

Guest Post by Oz Moving & Storage

You’re unloading boxes in your new home when you notice mousetraps in the corners of the garage. While they appear undisturbed, you wonder why the previous homeowners set them out. As you lie in bed later that night, those traps might cross your mind and get you thinking about every little sound.

Does this sound familiar? While you don’t necessarily have a pest problem, it’s always best to get a jump on things so it never becomes an issue.

Having a pest control professional evaluate your property at or before you move means they have better access to the nooks and crannies you will soon cover with furniture and decor. It doesn’t just give you peace of mind, it can save you time and money; it can handle any infestations and take preventative measures to ensure your home remains pest-free.

What is Preventive Pest Control?

Preventive pest control is all about protecting your home against unwanted bugs and animals before they get there. When you hire a preventive pest control service, you will receive a thorough inspection, trapping and baiting, sealing entry points, and guidelines for maintaining cleanliness around your place.

Inspection is one of the most critical steps. A pest control technician will examine your house and identify areas where pests could emerge or enter the home. This includes looking at rooflines, window frames, and door frames for any cracks or crevices. If the experts find any areas that could cause trouble, they will take care of them.

Trapping and baiting are also essential steps in preventive pest control. When preventive pest control technicians use their skills, they’ll place the traps and baits in only the places where they can lure the pests, and keep your property safe.

Finally, maintaining your home clean and blocking entry points are just as critical. Sealing gaps and cracks around windows, doors, and other possible entry points are necessary to prevent pests from entering the home.

The Benefits of Preventive Pest Control

Preventive pest control can provide long-term protection against pests and help you avoid expensive treatments if a problem arises.

We all know having a pest infestation gives us the creeps and it’s horrible to look at, however, it can also have significant consequences for everyone in your household.

Regular preventive pest control helps to avert and eliminate existing infestations to protect your home from the potential damage and health risks associated with pests.

Many pests carry infectious diseases like salmonella or E. coli, which are fairly easy for you or your pet to contract when in contact with these pests.

Preventative pest control eradicates the threat, which can be especially beneficial for families with small children or elderly members who are more susceptible to infections.

Rodents and similar pests can wreak havoc on your day-to-day life by damaging your property, like chewing cords, creating holes in walls, and getting into your food. Preventive pest control is not only about cutting the head of the problem, it’s about burning the eggs and impeding any potential issue with your family and foundation.

How to Find a Reputable Pest Control Company

Finding a trustworthy pest control company can be challenging, but if you do the proper research on the services you can find the right fit. Make sure you look at the experience of the company, what services they offer, and their prices and packages.

It’s also a good idea to check out reviews or ask for recommendations from friends and family members.

Inquiring about the treatments and chemicals the company uses can provide ease of mind as well. Ensure the company has a license to work, is insured, and has experience in pest control services. If you want to be even more confident about the company, visit their office if possible or thoroughly navigate through their website.

Don’t forget to ask about their pest control strategies and how often they will inspect your home. Finally, ensure you understand their agreement’s terms and any guarantees they offer before you hire them.

Is Pest Control Required When Moving into a New or Older Home?

Generally, pest control is not required if you’re moving into a new home. With that said, it’s hard to know what happened when it was constructed and if proper cleaning measures were taken. It might give you peace of mind to at least get an inspection before you settle in.

Moving into an older home is a bit trickier because you don’t know what you’re walking into.

Having a professional pest control team evaluate the space and look for things the home inspector missed is critical. Sometimes, previous owners forget or decidedly don’t disclose certain details, especially if the home sat vacant for any length of time.

Some pests, like bed bugs, are notoriously difficult to eradicate and need professional intervention. Thus, erring on the side of caution is always advised.

Sealing cracks or holes in walls or floors where pests could enter, replacing damaged window screens, and caulking around window sills and door frames, can go a long way to keep your home clean.

You can also use insect repellents around windows and doors, and vacuum regularly to discourage future pest infestations.

When to Hire an Expert Pest Control Specialist

It’s easy to think of professional pest control as a last resort, but handling it all by yourself isn’t always the best alternative. Why? Here are some reasons.

  • What might look like a small problem could be the first obvious signs of a larger infestation.
  • You might try something that isn’t effective and end up making things worse.
  • There may be structural or sanitation issues that require special attention.

Many pest control professionals use advanced and effective treatments that aren’t available to the public. They can determine what insects, or even small mammals, might be in your home.

With their industry-specific tools and years of experience, they can find everything from cockroaches to millipedes, mice, and fleas.

It is always beneficial to hire a pest control specialist when moving into a new or older home.

They have the experience and expertise to identify early signs of a pest problem and determine the best approach for eliminating the threat. Plus, professionals can advise you on how to prevent future problems.