Outdoor Rat Control Pamphlet for NYC Landlords & Tenants (PDF)

In 2021, there have been over 21,000 complaints of outdoor rat sightings in New York City—a dramatic increase from the 15,000 rat sightings in the same period in 2020.

MMPC is an eco-friendly pest control company based in Long Island City, NYC.

We put together this rat control pamphlet for landlords and tenants experiencing increased rat activity around their apartment buildings and neighborhoods. It includes helpful information and tips about outdoor rat prevention and control.

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Printing Instructions: Print double sided (flip on short edge) and fold into thirds.

Page 1: Tackling The Rat Problem in Your Neighborhood

Seeing rats scampering around the block or in front of your building?

Not only do these pests chew through garbage, damage property and cars, and leave droppings everywhere, they’re also responsible for spreading diseases and even starting fires.

Page 2: Facts about Rats in New York City

The most common outdoor rat species in New York City is the Norway Rat.

  • Norway rats have blunt snouts, shaggy dark coats, and small ears.
  • Their tails are dark on top and pale underneath.
  • Adult Norway rats are 7 to 9.5 inches long and weigh about 11 ounces.
  • They like to burrow in soil for nesting and harborage.
  • They can squeeze through openings as small as half an inch.
  • A single female can have 3 to 12 litters of 4 to 22 pups in a year.

Page 3: What Causes Outdoor Rat Activity

Successful outdoor rodent control requires a team effort.

Rodents thrive wherever they have easy access to food, water, and harborage. Some factors that might be contributing to the outdoor rodent population around your neighborhood include:

  • Trash cans with no lids
  • Trash on the curb before 4pm
  • Rat burrows in front of city trees
  • Overgrown landscaping
  • Standing water
  • Road construction
  • Outdoor dining

Page 4: Professional Outdoor Rat Control

By addressing and eliminating conditions that are allowing rodents to thrive, MMPC’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program provides residents with effective, long-term outdoor rat control.

IPM is endorsed by the EPA as a safe, eco-friendly approach to pest control because it minimizes the usage of pesticides, which are only applied in areas where rats are active.

The key to successful rat control is proper sanitation, exclusion, and communication.

  • Rat baiting and trapping
  • Locating and closing burrows
  • Reducing or eliminating harborage areas
  • Installing rodent exclusion mesh
  • Identifying and sealing building entry points

Page 5: Rat Prevention Tips for Neighbors

  • Clear out clutter or debris in front of your property.
  • Keep gardens free of weeds and trash.
  • Keep tall grass, bushes, and shrubs 6 inches away from buildings.
  • Trim shrubs and avoid dense vegetation.
  • Use hard plastic or metal trash cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Bring garbage cans and bags to the curb as close to pick-up time as possible — never leave them out overnight.
  • Report rat sightings, burrows, droppings, or gnaw marks to your exterminator.

Page 6: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

MMPC (M&M Pest Control) is a GreenPro and QualityPro-certified pest management company.

We are proud to serve our fellow New Yorkers with eco-friendly pest solutions.

Our team combines 25 years of pest control experience with environmentally-safe technologies and methods to ensure effective, discreet, and customized services.

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