A Review of MMPC’s Pest Exclusion Services (Pest Proofing)

Anthony Berklich from InspiredCitizen offered to share his experience with MMPC’s pest proofing services for a 1,800 sq. ft. loft space in Manhattan.

This was a comprehensive, 6-hour proofing job for both rodents and insects that involved sealing radiator floor holes, wall gaps, holes around water pipes, and more.

“The MMPC team arrived fully-equipped with every possible tool one could imagine for the job. Their professional demeanor was evident from the first few minutes through communication, a detailed plan of attack and the use of masks in the space to protect those around them.

MMPC used specialized foam, caulk, organic sprays and more to ward-off critters from the premises. The clear caulk was used around every floor board including inside closets and hidden places one would never even dream bugs may be hiding.

What is Pest Proofing / Exclusion?

Pest proofing, or exclusion, is a method of preventing pests from entering and living in your space by locating and sealing up gaps, crevices, and other potential entry points.

Doing so stops infestations before they happen, which usually saves the average homeowners or landlords from costly and time-consuming extermination treatments in the future.

It also provides invaluable peace of mind—imagine never having to worry about seeing mice or roaches in your kitchen again.

At MMPC, we provide two types of pest exclusion services:

  1. Inspections – a comprehensive assessment of your space to find evidence of pests and determine how they’re getting in
  2. Proofing – permanently sealing all viable pest entryways with silicone, steel wool, metal mesh, sheet metal, polyurethane expansion foam, plaster, or cement


MMPC’s pest proofing specialists also undergo training as carpenters (something that sets us apart from other pest control companies).

We pride ourselves on providing exclusion services that are not only effective, but also neat, clean, and cosmetically conscientious.

Below are some photos showing the detailed proofing work we did for Anthony’s loft.