How to Kill Bed Bugs at Home (Without Pesticides)

5-Step method to control bed bugs without using pesticides

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to get rid of, and they’re becoming more and more common.

In terms of getting rid of them, you’d be amazed at how many natural ways there are to kill them. That’s because bed bugs are not a very hardy insect; the trickiest part is actually just finding them.

On the market today, there are many “natural” bed bug products available with different essential oil bases that can kill bed bugs without using pesticides. But really, all you need is a flashlight, a vacuum, and some isopropyl alcohol, which you can get at any drugstore.

In this article (and video), pest expert Kevin Carrillo from MMPC shares a 5-step approach to get rid of an early-stage bed bug infestation without needing pesticides.

How to Kill Bed Bugs at Home in 5 Steps

1. Prepare

  • Prepare isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle with a concentration of 80% or stronger.

2. Inspect

  • With a high-powered flashlight, inspect your bed for bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs tend to hide in cracks and crevices about two millimeters wide or larger. Carefully inspect these as you go, starting with the bedsheets, under the mattress, under the bed frame, and radiating your way outwards through the rest of your home.

3. Vacuum

  • Use a crevice tool attached to your vacuum.
  • As you find bed bugs, just vacuum them up. 

4. Spray

  • After you’ve done your full search and finished vacuuming, spray the area down with isopropyl alcohol.

5. Sanitize

  • Empty the vacuum into sealed plastic bags and use isopropyl alcohol to sanitize the vacuum chamber.
  • Clean it out and make sure that nothing is further contaminating it.

As long as you’ve discovered that you have a bed bug issue early enough, and the issue is relatively isolated and low in intensity, it’s definitely something you can take care of in a pretty natural way — without requiring chemicals or even necessarily professionals.

Video: What Is a Natural Way to Kill Bed Bugs?

Kevin Carrillo is a pest control specialist and a senior project manager at MMPC, as well as a contributor to wikiHow.

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