Common pest species found in New York:

House Mouse

Mus musculus

Size: 5–8 inches long (13–20 cm) from nose to tail tip; about the length of a dollar bill

Color: Grayish-brown with gray tail

Shape: Small, round body (2.5–4 inches) with a long tail that’s almost as long as it’s body (2–4 inches)

Head: Slightly pointed nose, small eyes, and rounded ears

Teeth: Long, protruding front teeth with a notch on the inner surface of the upper incisors

Fur: Short, smooth fur that’s mostly uniform in color; some individuals may have a light grey or cream-colored belly

Tail: Similar in color to its fur (grey or light brown); virtually hairless and covered in tiny circular rows of scales called annulations

Norway Rat

Rattus norvegicus

Size: 10–20 inches long (25–51 cm) from nose to tail; about the length of a bowling pin

Color: Brown or dark gray with pink ears and pink tail

Shape: Long body (6–11 inches) with a tail that’s just slightly shorter than its body (4–9 inches)

Head: Blunt nose and small, pink ears

Teeth: Large, chisel-shaped incisors that leave prominent teeth marks on objects and surfaces

Fur: Coarse and bristly coat that’s mostly brown or grey, except for a tan or light gray underbelly

Tail: Thick, hairless, and scaly tail that is either pink or tan-colored