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MMPC offers comprehensive solutions to effectively eliminate roaches from your home or business, using eco-safe methods that are proven to work against cockroach infestations at all levels.

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cockroach control services

Cockroaches in New York City

Cockroaches are pervasive pests in urban areas like NYC, infesting homes, buildings, food service establishments, and other businesses. They enter structures through various means and breed rapidly, giving rise to thousands of offspring each year.

According to the 2021 American Housing Survey, nearly 1 in 6 New Yorkers have reported seeing cockroaches in their homes (compared to 1 in 9 households nationally). This highlights the severity of the problem in the city.

These large, omnivorous insects are known to contaminate food, which can lead to the spread of diseases like food poisoning and gastroenteritis. Furthermore, they produce allergens through their saliva, feces, and shed skins, which can trigger allergic reactions and exacerbate respiratory problems.

At MMPC, we know how stressful it is to deal with cockroaches. Our team has more than 30 years of experience helping New Yorkers exterminate them, combining cutting-edge technologies with eco-friendly methods based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to provide long lasting protection against even the toughest infestations.

Common Household Roaches

German Cockroach
German Cockroaches

Small and light brown, German cockroaches are the most common species encountered indoors. They’re attracted to warmth and humidity, and usually sneak into homes by hitchhiking in packages, boxes, bags, or secondhand furniture, electronics, and appliances.

American Cockroach
American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are reddish brown and the largest species of household cockroaches. They’re attracted to moisture and are often associated with plumbing issues. They love nesting in boiler rooms and travel around buildings following pipes and water lines.

Oriental Cockroach
Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are large, shiny black, and notorious for their foul, musty odor. They are primarily an outdoor species, but occasionally seek shelter indoors in dark, damp, cool areas like basements and crawlspaces.

Brown Banded Cockroach
Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are also small and brown, but not as common as German cockroaches. They don’t require much moisture and instead prefer to nest in warm, dry, and high places like furniture, shelves, cabinets, and light fixtures.

Our Cockroach Control Services

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Treatment and Assessment for Cockroaches

Treatment and assessment combines baiting and trapping methods with a thorough inspection of underlying causes of cockroach infestations. This service is recommended for new clients.

  • We start by assessing the extent of the infestation and activity level (low, medium, heavy), as well as identifying entry points, nesting sites, and other environmental factors attracting roaches.
  • This is followed by spraying, baiting, and trapping in roach-infested areas to control the existing population. (Note: baiting and trapping methods work by flushing out hidden cockroaches, so it’s normal to notice a temporary uptick in sightings after treatment.)
  • Clients receive an electronic report of the assessment findings with photos and a recommended action plan to address entry points and other underlying issues.

Spraying, Baiting, and Trapping

We use a combination of environmentally-safe insecticidal sprays, gel baits, and glue traps to exterminate cockroaches and provide lasting relief.

  • A targeted, concentrated spray of fast-acting, long-lasting insecticide is applied to the baseboard level of affected areas, as well as cracks and crevices. We use naturally derived plant-based active ingredients and insect growth regulators (IGRs) that are safe for use in food handling areas.
  • Cockroach bait stations and gel baits are placed in cracks, crevices, corners, cabinet hinges, drawers, and other areas of activity. Cockroaches bring the poisoned bait back to their nests, leading to a significant reduction in population.
  • Glue traps are placed in discreet areas to monitor activity levels.

ULV Treatment (Aggressive)

Our aggressive ULV treatment is an extra-strength solution for clients dealing with heavy German cockroach infestations, especially in older buildings or when previous extermination attempts have failed.

After tarping off the area, we use a specialized machine that breaks down our special insecticide solution into tiny, micron-sized droplets that can penetrate deep into cracks, crevices, and voids where roaches congregate and breed. This treatment eliminates cockroaches in all nesting sites, even ones that are normally inaccessible with regular methods.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, a follow-up ULV application may be recommended to eliminate newly-hatched nymphs.

Proofing and Exclusion for Cockroaches

Want to stop infestations before they even start? Proofing and exclusion keeps cockroaches out of your home permanently by identifying and sealing all potential entry points. This is particularly effective against American cockroaches, which typically enter homes by traveling along pipes and water lines.

  • An experienced inspector performs a comprehensive assessment to find evidence of pests, possible causes of pests, and viable entry points. Clients receive a detailed report of findings and recommendations.
  • Our specialized technicians permanently seal viable pest entryways with construction-grade materials.
  • To reach concealed entry points, we safely move large appliances, disassemble cabinetry, and seal around mechanical line extrusion points (such as PTAC, radiator, and plumbing lines).
  • Our pest proofing technicians are also trained carpenters, ensuring that our work is neat, structurally sound, and cosmetically conscientious.

Residential Services

Cockroach control is included as part of MMPC’s comprehensive residential pest management services. We work with landlords, property managers, and facilities managers to provide effective and eco-friendly pest control services for residential buildings of all sizes.

residential cockroach control

Our residential pest services start with a thorough initial assessment of your property, identifying areas of activity, nesting sites, and potential entry points.

Based on the findings, we implement a customized pest management plan for your building using eco-friendly methods such as spraying, baiting, trapping, and exclusion.

Service visits can be scheduled on a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis.

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Commercial Services

Need comprehensive cockroach control for a retail store, school, hotel, restaurant, food processing facility, hospital, warehouse, or office space? MMPC works with all types of of commercial clients to combat pest issues and prevent reoccurrences with effective, eco-friendly solutions.

commercial cockroach control

First, we conduct an initial inspection of your premises to determine the layout of the space, how cockroaches are entering, what attracts or sustains them, and where potential structural gaps exist.

Based on these findings, we implement a customized pest control plan that aligns with your business’s specific needs and industry regulations, carried out with a focus on eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

At MMPC, we understand the importance of discretion for commercial pest control services. Our highly-trained technicians are available around the clock to minimize disruption to your business operations.

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About MMPC

MMPC is small business proud to serve our fellow New Yorkers and surrounding areas. Our team combines 25 years of pest control experience with cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies and methods โ€” all to ensure the most effective, discreet and customized solutions for our clients.

We are one of the first companies in the pest control industry to adopt the EPAโ€™s Integrated Pest Management Practices (IPM), an environmentally-sensitive approach in which all forms of pest control are explored before resorting to pesticides.

MMPC was called one of “The Best Exterminators in NYC” by New York Magazine and “Americaโ€™s 15 Favorite Local Home Service Businesses” by Yelp and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a full-blown cockroach infestation?

When you spot a single cockroach, it’s natural to wonder if it’s an isolated incident or a sign of a larger infestation. Here are some indicators to help you determine when to call the exterminator:

  • Finding more than one cockroach over a short period, especially in different areas of your home
  • Seeing cockroaches during the day (cockroaches are nocturnal insects and tend to hide during daylight hours, so a daytime sighting may indicate that their hiding places are becoming overcrowded)
  • Cockroach droppings (small, dark specks resembling coffee grounds)
  • Eggs and egg shell casings (long, oval, leathery capsules typically brown or reddish-brown in color, containing rows of individual eggs inside)
  • Pungent and oily odors
  • Food products showing signs of pest activity

Are cockroaches harmful to my health?

While cockroaches don’t bite or sting, they may pose other health risks. For example, cockroaches are known to carry various pathogens and bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella on their bodies and in their feces. When they come into contact with food, utensils, or food preparation surfaces in your home, they can transfer these harmful microorganisms that cause foodborne illnesses, gastroenteritis, and other diseases.

Cockroaches are also a source of indoor allergen hazards. Their saliva, feces, and shed skin particles can trigger allergic reactions or exacerbate asthma. In New York City, Local Law 55 of 2018 (“The Asthma-Free Housing Act”) requires landlords and property owners to keep their tenants’ homes free from cockroaches and other indoor allergen hazards.

Are DIY cockroach control methods effective?

Store-bought products, natural remedies, and other do-it-yourself methods may provide temporary relief against cockroaches but they typically don’t eliminate the root of the problem.

Cockroaches usually harbor in hidden nests and breeding sites that require professional expertise to locate and eliminate. They also develop resistance to certain DIY insecticides and baits over time, making them less effective.

Clients who’ve tried DIY methods often tell us that they’re far from sufficient for dealing with persistent cockroach problems. Sometimes, it can even worsen an infestation by giving the cockroach population more time to reproduce and spread.

How much does cockroach extermination cost?

The cost of cockroach extermination services varies based on your location, the severity of the infestation, and the scope of services required. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Are cockroach extermination services safe for pets and children?

At MMPC, we prioritize safety for pets and children by using eco-friendly and low-toxicity options whenever possible. For example, we use insecticide sprays with naturally derived plant-based active ingredients and insect growth regulators, which are nontoxic to humans and animals.

How long does it take to get rid of cockroaches completely?

The time it takes to completely eliminate a cockroach infestation varies based on location, severity, and other conditions. Our knowledgeable inspectors and technicians will work with you step-by-step to get rid of cockroaches as quickly as possible while addressing the root causes.

What steps can I take to prevent future cockroach infestations?

After we perform an initial assessment, our inspector provides recommendations for future cockroach prevention, such as sealing entry points and improving sanitation. Here are some other steps you can take to keep cockroaches out of your home:

  • Clean and vacuum regularly to remove crumbs and food residue, particularly in kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Regularly clean grease and food residue from appliances like ovens, stoves, and microwaves.
  • Keep sinks and faucets dry.
  • Repair leaks and plumbing issues promptly to eliminate water sources.
  • Empty trash cans frequently, and used sealed containers for food waste.
  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight, and store it in sealed containers when not in use.
  • Reduce clutter to eliminate hiding spots.
  • Seal cracks, gaps, and crevices in walls, floors, and around pipes with caulk or sealant.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.