Privacy Policy

At MMPC, we take great care with your personal information. We value your privacy and your time. We will never sell, rent or otherwise share your email address or any other contact information you provide us without your express permission. You will only receive email from us for one of the following reasons:

  1. You have opted-in to our electronic newsletter.
  2. You have sent us an email and have requested a reply.
  3. You have participated in our reader survey, in which case you will receive an automated response that tabulates your answers.
  4. You have sent us a note informing us about an error on the site. Even though a reply may not be expected, we will send back a short “thank you” email.

If you receive unsolicited email that appears to be from MMPC, we ask that you please forward the complete message to our sales department so that we can investigate it. SPAM artists have been known to use real email addresses in the “message from” field without consent from the owner of the address.

Because we respect your control over your email in-box, you will find easy-to-follow unsubscribe directions in each e-newsletter we send.

If you ever have questions or concerns about your privacy with MMPC, please contact us.