Common pest species found in New York:

Eastern Carpenter Bee

Xylocopa virginica

Size: 3/4–1 inch long (19–23 mm); about the length of a quarter

Color: Black and pale yellow

Shape: Stout, oval-shaped body with a fuzzy thorax, thin antennae, 6 legs, and 2 pairs of wings

Legs: 6 thick, fuzzy, black legs

Antennae: Thin, elbowed antennae

Head: 2 large compound eyes on the sides and 3 smaller ocelli eyes in the center; sharp, wedge-shaped mouthparts for boring into wood

Body: Fuzzy-looking thorax covered in pale, yellowish hairs with a dark bald spot in the center; smooth, mostly hairless abdomen that’s black with a slight metallic purple tint

Stinger: Not barbed; females have stingers while males do not

Wings: 2 pairs of translucent wings with black veins