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Heat Assault 500X Bed Bug Heating System (In Excellent Condition)

Exceptionally reliable and can handle virtually any large heat project. With 5 heaters, 5 separate areas can be simultaneously heated to cut down on project time.

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Most Powerful Bed Bug Heating System on the Market (436,000 Btu/Hr)

  • Eliminates bed bug infestations at all stages of life in only a few hours
  • Industry leading power and capacity that allows you to treat entire floors or multiple units at one time
  • Only requires a single person to operate
  • Safest bed bug eradication method – 100% human and pet friendly

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Additional Information

The Heat Assault 500X is a complete heat equipment system that is simple and safe to operate (no special training is required) and can be used to eliminate insect infestations at all stages of life in only a few hours.

  • Fully enclosed rugged steel trailer 165″L x 80″W x 86″H
  • 135 Gallon (511 liter) reservoir for eco-friendly heat transfer fluid
  • Total output: 436,000 Btu/Hour
  • Five unit heaters
  • Six Temperature Circulating Fans
  • One set of supply and return 75 foot 1” hoses
  • Towing weight (w/fuel and glycol): 6,000 lbs.
  • Date of manufacture: February 2019
  • In excellent condition; lightly used and well maintained